Change is good

Jaye-Strike a posted Feb 17, 15

Change happens to us all. We as a guild have evolved and grown over the past few months. We now have new members that have decided to spend some of their gaming time with us. We are in a rebuilding mode. We as aguild will start to raid again, we now do PVP at all levels. We will do classic content not just to help the new members with experiencing every facet of the game, but to give us all something to have as a common bonding point.

I would like to thank the officer corps for assisting in the rebuild and transition time that the guild is going through. Join us on voice chat, come have some laughs while we press buttons on our respective keyboards. Enjoy the climb to level 60 and help the guild with the weekely conquests, any contribution is a good one.

Gumball a Yay!!! and the funny thing is, I have been on all this week LOL.....